Andreas Steffan Cinematographer, 1st assistent cameraman
Andreas Steffan
Born in 1984, I realized at the age of nine that I want to become a cinematographer. At the age of sixteen I started off as cable guy at a local TV broadcaster and shortly got promoted to be camera assistant and studio manager as well. After finishing school in 2003 I commenced professionalisation in being assistant to a Studio specialized in commercial photography.

Finally, in late 2005 I started to study cinematography at the Filmuniversit√§t Babelsberg - back then known as HFF “Konrad Wolf” - and happily graduated in 2011.
During my studies I shot numerous short movies as DoP and, of course, learned a lot about Dos and Don’ts. During that time I was a rookie 1st or 2nd AC at countless student and professional film sets. Since 2011 I am able to call myself professional 1st AC.
I am passionate about documentaries as well as movies which are based on actual persons and/or events - to dunk into a world which is different to my own daily life is what I love about being a professional filmmaker.

Based in Munich I collaborate with national and international productions as 1st AC and camera operator within Germany and worldwide. I always enjoy traveling. Making movies in foreign countries are extraordinary challenging and at the same time very refreshing and special - they’ve become the most remarkable experiences to me.
I defintely love what I do! Becoming 1st AC has been and is a logic step to me but I will never loose track in what I want to become since I was a kid - cinematographer.

1st ac, focus puller, dop, 2nd unit camera, camera operator
all genre

cinematography studies at HFF “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg
graduated in 2011

member of the german society of cinematographers (bvk)

shooting experiences in
austria, denmark, egypt, greece, iran, island, jordan, kosovo, macedonia, marocco, poland, russia, spain, sweden, swiss, uk, ukraine, united arab emirates

german and english speaking